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In a world of dreams, pigments of imagination can turn into nightmares.

The brave dream guardian and her partner shelters vulnerable children from unbeatable bad dreams. Only this time, they have to overcome their own nightmares.

Dream Guardian



The Encounter of the Dream Guardians and the Evil Sand Bear


Character Design

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Alora is an orphan.

Her parents were killed by wild bear.

She is the first kid who was able to  overcome her nightmares of bears and became the Guardian of dreams. The spirits are being purified by Alora, then place back into children’s plush to protect them from bad dreams.


Alora's expression sheet and action poses.

Alora2_facial expression.jpg

Character Anatomical exploration

Character Colour Chart

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Grizzly is the sidekick of Alora. He was the first sand bear evil spirit encountered by Alora in her dream. She defeated Grizzly and converted him into purified spirit. His memories were also wiped out during the purification. 

He became Alora's sidekick, accompanying her to protect the dreamland of the children.


Concept Painting

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Alora and Grizzly strolling in the dark, appreciating the beautiful night of the dreamlands.

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