Striped Trails

This painting is about Bean the cat paving his way to success by learning from its entrepreneur journey. Bean will draw a stripe on itself after each lesson/ experience he gained. These are the markings of his victory, shaping him into a forceful tiger. Each level represents businesses from different eras of Hong Kong, with the intent to record the city’s ever-growing economy.

Commission client: Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Design by: Agnes Ho 

Mural Art: Agnes Ho, Blessy Man, We Paint Team


Character Concept Design

Bean is a cat that is learning to start its own successful business.

Mural Design


UG-1F: Old Hong Kong focused on light industry. Bean attempt to start up his own toy business but encountered obstacles.

1F-2F: Hong Kong start to develop tertiary sector and build connection to other parts of the world.

2F-3F: Bean worked extra hard and transformed into a tiger. 


Behind the scenes

The designs were painted along the staircase of Innoport, starting from UG level to 3/F. 

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