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Stripped Trails


A mural project commissioned by the University of Hong Kong Innoport. 

This project is about Bean the cat paving his way to success by learning from its entrepreneur journey. Bean will draw a stripe on itself after each lesson/ experience he gained. These are the markings of his victory, shaping him into a forceful tiger. Each level represents businesses from different eras of Hong Kong, with the intent to record the city’s ever-growing economy.

Commission client: Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Design by: Agnes Ho 

Mural Art: Agnes Ho, Blessy Man, We Paint Team


Character Concept Design

Bean is a cat that is learning to start its own successful business.

Mural Design

UG-1F: Old Hong Kong focused on light industry. Bean attempt to start up his own toy business but encountered obstacles.

1F-2F: Hong Kong start to develop tertiary sector and build connection to other parts of the world.

2F-3F: Bean worked extra hard and transformed into a tiger. 

Deleted Scenes


Behind the scenes

The designs were painted along the staircase of Innoport, starting from UG level to 3/F. 

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