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When he becomes his own worst enemy, Timmy learns he needs to accept every part of himself. 


Timmy suffers the consequences of his arrogance when his tiny Monster becomes affected by his attempts to make it the biggest. 



The film follows the journey of a boy named Timmy who is born the strongest and tallest out of his siblings. Immediately recognizing his own strength above the rest, Timmy expects his monster companion to share his same qualities: tallest and mightiest. To his disbelief, he ends up with the tiniest monster possible. With this test against his ego, Timmy must learn to embrace this weakness.





We aim to create a story that resonates with an audience from all kinds of life. Paired with the fictional setting, it allows for more than one form of interpretation.


Why The Children Book Aesthetic:


While appealing to children, we also wish to let adults revisit simplicity in a complicated world. To let them sit down and enjoy a light hearted animation and bring them back to their care free childhood. The Timmy’s Monster crew aimed to do so by creating unique, life-giving brushstrokes and texture sets; in hopes of breathing life into each element on screen.

Director / Original Concept: Agnes Ho


Medium: 2D Animation

Length: 5:25 

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: English

Release Date: May 2021




DIRECTOR,VISUAL DEVELOPMENT, 2D animator, storyboard artist

Agnes is a 2D animator and visual development artist from Hong Kong. While studying in SCAD she contributed to several animated collaborative films. She loves using her wacky imagination to turn mundane objects into light hearted stories to make people smile. Her inspiration comes from her daily surroundings and the forgotten little bits in life. She has a great passion for animation and children’s book illustrations and is always inspired to create.




Ellie is a producer, storyboard artist and 2D animator with an unhealthy addiction to coffee and kick for corny jokes of all kinds. Growing up with a Japanese/American background, she is determined to tell stories that represent voices that have yet to be heard. She has gained skills to do so during her time at SCAD; where she experienced several collaborative short films with different roles. Each project was an exciting learning experience but never one that sparked a passion like Timmy’s Monster.


Louise Wong

Co-Producer, Visual development, 2D Animator, Compositor

Louise is a producer, 2D animator, and compositor from the Philippines. She has a burning passion for worldbuilding, sakuga, and steam trains! Throughout her studies at SCAD, she has always aimed to be a swiss-army-knife, learning different skills, software and trying different art styles. Her life motto is to never stop learning and to never stop improving. Her dream is to someday be a showrunner and tell a compelling and impactful story for all ages.


Kris Dillehay

Script Writer, Story Development, Visual development Layout Artist

Kris is a Story and Development Artist from League City, Texas and they have a passion for world building, character design and energy drinks. Their cats Taki and Zea help them take breaks and they love to study astrology and ancient history on the side. They have been working hard to grow as an artist during their time at SCAD and plan to work on more collaborative projects in the future to create more vibrant and intriguing stories.


raible brackin

visual development, 2d animator

Raible is a 2D animator and illustrator from Pensacola, Florida. He has enjoyed helping bring stories to life while at SCAD and hopes to have many more experiences like this in the future. His hobbies include tending to his houseplants and surfing.

Jamie Vaughan-Williams


2D animator, storyboard, visual development

Jamie, affectionately known as Jam, is a 2D animator, storyboard artist, and illustrator from Wake Forest, North Carolina. As an artist, he has a knack for preserving detail in everyday life through visual storytelling, houseplant maintenance, and cats. Always the optimist, Jam strives to spread his outlook on life, as well as bring to light nuances of his environment to the world. Whenever he is away from his work desk, Jam can be seen with a matcha frappé biking to the nearest plant shop to score a new tropical plant.



Timmy's Monster © 2021 Agnes Ho, Ellie Powell, Louise Wong, Jamie "Jam" Vaughan-Williams, Kris Dillehay, Raible Brackin

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